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09-20-20 Demo Snippet and Info

Rhopography Track 1 – New Bass Guitar

At this stage in the song writing, we’ve solidified the rhythms, accompanying melodies, song structure and drum compositions.

Last week, Alex brought fantastic ideas to the table by pre-programming midi bass by ear. And on Thursday we recorded his performance on bass guitar.

Remember, everything you’re about to hear is a work in progress and will likely change to some degree before public release.

The guitar tones will stay the same for the final release, but the bass tone will be heavily changed as the album develops.

As part of our process, Mark doesn’t write lyrics until the whole album is complete so that he can have a more informed understanding of the feeling across the songs and the album as a whole.

Next week

We hope to bring you some drum updates as we’ve invested into Superior Drummer 3 and Sean has been working on making a Kardashev-specific kit for this new album.

From all of us here at Kardashev, thank you for your continued support! Remember, we’ll have regularly updated posts for you here on our web app, so make sure to enroll into push notifications!

Until next time, take care!

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