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09-24-2020 Full Demo

Rhopography Track 2 – New Demo

This demo shows the melodic approach we’re taking to create the soaring leads that we have been showcasing since The Almanac.
It also has many nuances from our past works including composition and bass accompaniment.
One of the biggest things we’re excited for is the middle “Opeth” sort of section as we think that vocally, it’s going to feel like a really deep Prog Rock once everything is in place. Fun fact: Mark wrote the whole chill section in the middle of the song! Guitars and all!

Next week

We hope to bring you some drum updates as we’ve invested into Superior Drummer 3 and Sean has been working on making a Kardashev-specific kit for this new album. Additionally, Alex has been working on new bass parts for this song and track 1!

We’re also interested to hear what you’d like to see from us!
Would you be interested in The Almanac on vinyl?
How about physical copies of Progression [DEMO]?

Let us know!

From all of us here at Kardashev, thank you for your continued support!
Remember, we’ll have regularly updated posts for you here on our web app, so make sure to enroll into push notifications!
Until next time, take care!

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