We might be the brutalest progressive death metal band out of Arizona…

…but we’re still just a couple of nerds writing music with an artist. The day this no longer becomes fun or creatively satisfying, we’re done. It’s going to happen, but we hope it doesn’t happen for a long time. Every moment, good and bad, spent doing this has given each of us a different reason to push through the bullshit of life and feel like we’re doing something that’s valuable to us. Hopefully you feel the same in listening to the music.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact our management team at Subliminal Groove Records.

Mark Garrettttt

Mark is the vocalizer of Kardashev. He does the gurgles and the skrieks, the grumbles and the singings. He’s also the biggest goob of the bunch.

Nico Mirolla

Nico is the guitarist and recording engineer. From the shred to the rhythm and all the way to the atmospheric soundscapes, blame him.

Chris Gerlings

Chris brings the bass. Get that low-end groove put in your face by this guy. He also does a majority of the artwork the band uses.