Brimminghorn Meadery Collaboration

Bloom Shadow


Like many people in the 21st century, we’ve been mead fans ever since we were introduced to Vikings, Renaissance Festival, Lord of the Rings, etc. So naturally, when the opportunity came up to work with a meadery to make a Kardashev (The Baring of Shadows) themed mead, we all got super excited and began considering the possibilities. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink fermented honey with flavors and aromas hand crafted by expert mead makers.

In June of 2020 I was introduced to JR, Brimminghorn Meadery’s owner, by my friend Steve Joh. There, I discovered that this meadery works with metal bands to collaborate on new recipes. They’ve worked with Enslaved, Incantation, Junius, Rosetta, The Atlas Moth, Huntsman, and more.

I checked out their catalog and ordered a 2017 Svartalfar (Black Currant) and a 2020 Tanglefoot to sample their flavors and quality before sending an email to them inquiring about the process by which they select who they collaborate with. Wouldn’t you know it, they replied with a lovely email explaining that they really enjoy our music and that they’d love to work with us on a mead!

Flavors and Aromas

Early on in the discussion of how The Baring of Shadows should be accompanied, the band discussed ways in which we could incorporate the different flavors local to Arizona (Nico, Mark and Alex) and British Columbia (Sean). We researched native flavors including Prickly Pear, Strawberry, Agave, Barb Rouge Hops, and Chamomile. These flavors would be combined with fermented honey to create Bloom Shadow.

Flavor (text) and Design

The label design was made by Nico along with some help from previous collaborations that Brimminghorn provided as examples.

Once the flavor palette was decided, Brimminghorn asked us to help design the label in a way that would represent our music and themes. Mark wrote the following to be printed on the label:

There is humanity to be found in a shadow cast at dusk.

Featureless and knowing

Lamenting Penumbra

Be Awake!


Community Reception

Once released, the community flooded to the website and the mead sold out within a few weeks. Needless to say, we’re very excited to create more with them in the future!

Promo Video

Check them out online!