Hi Everyone,

This is Riley making a post for the first time ever on the Kardashev site. Some of you may know me, but for those of you who don’t, I am the designer and engineer of this site and I help with online orders, among other things. One of those other things is the Enlisted Travelers Program.

I want to say thank you to all of the following people who are a part of the Enlisted Traveler Program:

Brett P.
Cameron E.
Corinne D.
Ariana J.
Ernest L.
Shayan S.
Patrick VH.
Ash P.
Stephen E.
Minna T.
Ruud P.
Sean M.
Josh AL.
Mitchell C.
Nicholas S.
Amanda S.
Kasper K.
Chris B.
Paweł P.
Rob H.
Einar A.
Hunter B.
Alex L.
Ioannis M.
Matt B.
Daniel M.
Anthony M.
James H.
Michael B.
Matt H.
David Z.
Matthew S.
Samantha H.
Jarrett D.
Aaron R.
Connor B.
Ethan E.
Per F.
Nick B.
Raul E.
Shane M.
Gage J.
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett
Kevin C.
Austin M.
Cody O’D.
Adam B.
Chris P.
Brad F.
Delanie N.
Victor L.
Taaniel A.
Addison G.
Moses D.
Miles W.
James O.
Andrew P.
Hans-Werner P.
Christian H.
Skye T.
Taylor G D.
Noah M.
Alex M.
Riley S.
Ryan P.
Kyle M.
Jenny H.

If I’m missing your name, please let me know and I will update that as soon as possible.

Because of you men, women, and that technicolor rainbow in between that have joined the Enlisted Traveler Program, Nico has been able to fund more projects for you all to enjoy. We’ve also been able to invest in improving the site (more to come), and test out some off-the-wall merch ideas that would be too risky to try otherwise.

We hope that this list keeps growing and that we’re able to provide each and every one of you more behind-the-scenes content, demos, offers, freebies, and so much more.

I know I’m late in saying this, but 2k23 is shaping up to be a good year and we have you all to thank.