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Velocity Picks

Nico has teamed up with a brilliant resin engineer in Australia named Alex Vincent. He and Nico have been going back and forth for months on the design, size and colorway of this Artist series pluctrum made from the hardest resin available, making these picks last months or even years.


A project consisting of two people who write atmospheric music, not limited to genres.
In 2019, they created a “sketch” of orchestral music based on our song, “Beyond Sun and Moon” which lead us to find their Patreon account which we’ve been supporting ever since.
We hope that in 2020 we can work with them to make even more music similar to this.


Caspro and Kardashev go way back to 2010 when Nico met Caspro working a retail job in Arizona. Almost 10 years later, we brought our minds together to create KARDASYNTH, a synthwave take on Caspro’s favorite Kardashev songs.

Riley Smith Designs

Riley Smith Designs is a graphic artist, musician, and Growth Hacker. He’s incredibly talented in many different ways and for this collaboration, we worked with him to create “Meatballs” of each band member for some unique, fun crossovers!
Contact Riley if you want to collaborate, commission, learn how to setup your website or create an automated merchandise store.

Jerry Grannan

In 2016, Mark and Nico lent their voices to one of Jerry’s songs to create a Synthwave/Neo Wave tune titled “Simulated Reality”.


Every song you’ve ever heard has been touched by the hands (ears) of Miah. He is the missing link to all of our interviews. To all of our behind the scenes. Miah is the hand by which excellence is applied to our music and he is the reason we can present ourselves to you the way we have. Work with him.

At first a fan of our music, Charles made a beautiful, minimal fan-art design with the lyrics, “An empty frame, but light against the wall.” from our album, “The Baring of Shadows”. We fell in love with it and asked if he’d like to produce a whole series. Click the image to view and buy these limited prints.


Karl E. is the man behind the artwork for The Baring of Shadows. He’s a brilliant artist and very easy to work with. Based in Indonesia,

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