DS-Alpha 12389-20

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  • That track 1 Germ riff at 1:40 slappppps :0

  • Looking forward to more, as always!

  • Awesome ideas. Love it and the feel/imagery. Thanks for the update!

    • A

      Thanks for the comment, dude! Hoping to have some discussions here for people more interested in the BTS! 😀

  • Hi! Testing the comments here.

    Cool developments, guys! Looks like you’re quite busy with interesting stuff.

    I like the lyrical idea, it gets my imagination moving! Knowing Mark, it will be written and sung beautifully. And the germs only increase the appetite, building upon the good stuff from previous releases.

    • A

      We’re always working on some neat stuff! Recently I began an NFT project with 3d modeling that I hope will be cool for our ETP! 😀

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