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DS-Alpha 12389-22

Apr 21, 2022 | Enlisted Traveler Program | 5 comments


Travelers! Today I bring to you a very special blog post about the events of Kardashev in Kanada for a music video Extravaganza Part 1: Electric bagelbun Update Overview Mark and I spent 6 days in Canada and only the first 2 were for the music video. The rest were for relaxation and collaboration with […]

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  1. Hans-Werner Prinz

    I like that first square, but i would go without the black frame around the name/logo.
    But sick designs already :thumbsup:

  2. Brad

    So much exciting stuff happening now with the release. The idea of a lore book has me beyond stoked. Will there be artwork? If so do you have any artists in mind or maybe an artist whose style would be in the vein of what you’d like to see in the book? Loving the updates, thanks for sharing. 🤙

    • James Obenour

      Seb McKinnon doing the artwork would make all my dreams come true.

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