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  • Thanks for the Karda-cast! Some pretty darn nice insights packed into it. So glad you decided to belt Mark. Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant recording experience, it definitely didn’t show. Metal Blade better carry you around in a palanquin and get you personnel to fan you with some large palm leaves next time. Love the idea of y’all getting together in person to play through songs.

    P.S. When is the next D&D session?

    • A

      Thanks for the love, Miles! Yeah, Mark has been honing his skills to better control the belting, but like our demo, Progression, he was trying something new while also meeting our deadlines. So, good on him for pushing himself in a positive direction, but next time we all agreed that we need to practice our techniques more for the future. Next DND session is August 6th, I think. haha 🙂

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