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  • I’d try making some swells in the #3’s intro, maybe with little flute-like flourishes. Ebow + slide combo could work rather well. This part feels a little too long for an opener, but in the middle would work just fine as a recharge break.

    I see #6 becoming a single.

    Maybe delay motif in #8 would work better played quiet and ping-pongy, under the opening phrase?

    Other than that, I’m just enjoying the process of observing how the ideas are evolving.

    I think that AI generated stuff works best for making nice starting points for actual artwork. Humans are often all kinds of subtly (or not so subtly) fucked up, most objects are crooked, asymmetrical, or deformed, and many details make sense only at a first glance. It kinda feels crypto-ish in the sense that it’s a field that on the one hand is technically impressive and already very complex, but on the other is extremely opaque, confusingly fragmented, and overhyped. Plus it gobbles up obscene amounts of electrical power.

  • I love the demos and I like the feedback y’all are giving each other. As far as the art. Here is my take on the whole AI thing. I think that AI art can be a good stepping stone as far as art goes. As a non-artist I used some AI art for my band but that was the first step. After I generated some AI art I took the images to an artist friend and had her use the AI image as a base for something she drew by hand. It turns into a completely different, and unique, work of art. I have examples of this and I am Unsinful on the discord if you want visual examples of what I mean. I think AI feels “cheap” in the fact that there’s a certain human touch you can’t replicate in AI art and that can make the art way better. I wouldn’t personally use straight up AI art but show it to a few artists and ask them to recreate something similar. Maybe make a contest out of it? My friend is not an ET but she would LOVE to do something like that for the band because she loves your music. Perhaps a community contest type of thing.

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