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How to support Kardashev in 2020


Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about how you can support Kardashev!

Below are few ways you can support the band, our music, and our creativity.

Twitch Prime

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get a credit every month on our Twitch Page where you can support us! We’ll receive $2.50 each month that you re-up with our Twitch page. The best part is it’s free for you just by having an Amazon Prime account! Click the image for instructions!


We have a HUGE range of shirts, jackets, posters, prints, masks, gaiters, hats, and more available on our shop! Click the image to view more!

This is also the only place to purchase physical CD‘s and Vinyl at this time.


Patreon is a monthly subscription platform that allows Patron‘s to support their favorite creators and we show our appreciation on there by offering incredible opportunities! In past months, we’ve provided custom merch designs for Patrons, we’ve added all of our patron’s names to the insert in our CD, and even worked with them on their creative projects! Click the image to learn how you can be a supporter of our art today for only $1 a month!


All major streaming services have Kardashev’s music and every time you listen to a song or album, you’re supporting us and helping us grown on that platform! Add us to your favorite playlist and tell a friend!





Tell a friend!

By taking the time to tell your friends and loved ones about Kardashev, there is a chance that they’ll fall in love and begin one of these support methods for us! We are so appreciative of all of you!

Help us gain traction by using these tags on social media:

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We work with many creators and business partners to create new and awesome Kardashev-based content! We’d love to work with you too!
Email us to begin the conversation!

One Time Donation

Using our Paypal.me link, you can send a one time donation to Kardashev to help us keep going and bringing you awesome content!

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