The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In August of 2020 Kardashev was approached by numerous record labels around the world seeking a partnership with them for a record deal. Kardashev spoke at length with all of them for weeks to secure the most optimal partnership for the future of their music, band, and fans. Some labels only offered distribution, others offered 360 deals and a few were kind enough to meet and have Zoom/Skype conversations with Nico to flesh out the details of the contracts and develop a “Face to face” relationship. One label stands out amongst the rest, Metal Blade Records. They emailed Kardashev asking what their goals were, and that got them thinking. “What possibilities do we aim for with an opportunity and partnership like this?” and “How will this impact our community?”

Case Study

To help the decision-making process, Nico went through the last 10 years of releases that sincerely impacted Kardashev’s members and their musical inspirations. The list was very long and very diverse, but a few things stood out. The same year Kardashev began their writing career, Metal Blade had released Abiotic’s “Symbiosis”, BTBAM’s “The Parallax II: Future Sequence”, As I Lay Dying’s “Awakened”, Whitechapel’s “Whitechapel”, and Job for a Cowboy’s “Demonocracy”. These could not be overlooked as they have stayed with us for years and that must be the result of excellent partnerships and musicianship.

Legal Considerations

After meeting with the first of the labels that approached Kardashev in June of 2020, Nico was advised that it would be in his/their best interest to hire a legal representative to professionally aid him and the band in understanding the ins and outs of the memos that they were receiving. Fortunately, thanks to the internet and the social networks they’d developed over almost a decade, they located a lawyer in California who regularly works with bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, and more. He took Kardashev under his counsel and helped them to understand what legal jargon they should learn, and which boilerplate contract information was standard while also negotiating royalty rates, profit splits, and publishing deals.

Decision Making

Kardashev has grown to make very intentional decisions over the years after failing over and over again and learning from those mistakes. This experience and wisdom informs their every decision and helps them to avoid repeating the same mistakes when possible.

The decision to work with Metal Blade Records was the result of many online meetings and conversations with different record labels about opportunities and possibilities for Kardashev to fulfill bigger and bigger goals that included incorporating guest musicians, new product prototyping, and boxsets that would otherwise continue to be just out of reach of Kardashev’s budget and know-how.


Advances Kardashev’s leadership in metal music
Enhances Kardashev’s value proposition with an extensive set of experience and industry knowledge
Drives increased sales and conversion for Kardashev’s products

TEMPE, Arizona.– January 19, 2021 – Kardashev today announced that it has agreed to partner with Metal Blade Records, a time-tested leader in Metal Music production. MBR, in combination with Kardashev’s unique “Deathgaze” brand, will transform the listening experience for Kardashev’s fans while increasing public awareness and reach through MBR’s well-established network.

Founded in 1982, Metal Blade Records is best known as a popular record label that helps fans find music as they trust the tenured ear of the label. MBR has continued to grow and evolve, expanding its roster of bands and artists to include a vast array of metal bands, offers worldwide distribution, and a vast network across many industries in the music creation and distribution world. With approximately 100 rostered artists, MBR has helped millions of people find more than a million hours of music. MBR currently distributes across approximately 100 countries ranging from Canada to Brazil and the UK to Japan.

The partnership supports Kardashev and MBR’s shared mission to release metal music and adapt the genre’s well known aggressive sound to a more alluring and emotionally-deep lyrical content while driving conversion and increasing fan engagement through streaming and online platforms.

“We couldn’t be more excited and grateful to be working with Metal Blade. They’re the industry leader and life-long dream partnership for us as we’ve always looked up to their artists for innovation, direction, and image. Now, we get to be who we looked up to when we were young.” said Nico Mirolla, guitarist and founder of Kardashev. “The next big step for Kardashev is to begin reaching areas of the internet, market, and world that our previous tools couldn’t reach. Metal Blade is known the world over for almost 40 years as the powerhouse record label transforming garage bands and bedroom musicians into industry leaders and I cannot wait to see how we can add strength to their roster.”

Kardashev has released 1 full-length, 4 EP’s, and a standalone single in 8 years and they’ve signed on with Metal Blade to produce 3 new full-length records with them.

About Kardashev

Kardashev is a group of musicians from North America focused on the concept of realizing music in a way never before achieved by combining elements of Death Metal, Shoegaze, Post Rock, and Black Metal into one cohesive experience. For more information, visit
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About Metal Blade

Founded upon owner Brian Slagel’s enduring drive to find great bands and get their music out to as many people as possible, since 1982 Metal Blade has brought wave after wave of powerful, innovative, and often genre-defining music to the ever-hungry metal masses. It is this ethos that has seen Metal Blade build up a stunning and diverse catalog, weather the various storms facing any independent label, and in an age of declining record sales boast the most successful years of its existence as it strides into its fourth decade. For more information, visit


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