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Peripety – 2015


If recent history has taught me anything about metal, it’s that it’s rather difficult to sift through a lot of fairly mediocre bands and find a real gem. There certainly are some fantastic bands out there, though, who are willing to test musical boundaries, whether that be boundaries of technicality or the metal genre itself.
Kardashev is a good example of the latter.

Sputnik Music

In 2015, Kardashev released our first full length album, “Peripety” with the minds of Nico Mirolla, Mark Garrett and Chris Gerlings.

Peripety breaks away from the Kardashev mythos, a hopeful story of our far off future, and explores themes of purpose, meaning, and responsibility. It faces the realization of one’s own place in a vast, primarily empty existence. Who are we to speak of morality? What does it mean to accept that we all die? Is the human spirit tangible, or an outlining shadow eclipsing the sunlight? Peripety brings forth questions, and offers no answers. However, beauty often sits around the corner, and we are ever curious about what we do not know. Musically, these tracks were an exploration in cohesive musicality with a “glue” blending all of the songs into one fluid listen.

Recorded by Nico Mirolla.
Album artwork by Chris Gerlings
Mixed and Mastered by Miah Lajuenesse.

Have you ever taken a moment to contemplate how many truly unique things coalesce to form a human being? Flesh, bone and muscle are one thing—an evolutionary miracle in and of itself—but being human transcends tangible tissues and fluids. The mind, spirit and soul are a different animal altogether, and although they can’t be seen or touched, they are just as crucial to the composition of a man or woman as any anatomical structure. Naysayers would disagree—claiming what can’t be seen, touched or otherwise witnessed can’t exist. Kardashev disagree, and with their latest full length, Peripety, they do what some may claim is impossible—they capture the essence of mankind and transmute it into song, portraying the collective consciousness of mankind as an amalgam of brash, blistering heaviness and otherworldly atmosphere, resulting in an album that is not just a pleasant listening experience, but intoxicating to the mind, addictive and immersive from start to finish.

New Transcendence
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