Enlisted Traveler Subscription

From: $5.00 / month


The Enlisted Traveler Program: A chance for fans of Kardashev to get an inside look and participate in the evolution of Deathgaze.

Starting today, you will gain a unique and valuable insight into the Kardashev universe while also participating in future album development.

What you get:

  • Access to current demos of Kardashev music
  • Access to our recording process archive
  • Custom Kardashev product designs at your request
  • Insights into our process, lore, and decision making

How you’re recognized:

  • Unique Discord Role
  • VIP Twitch Badge (Limited to 30)
  • Credits in Kardashev’s Instagram
  • Credits in Music Videos
  • Credits in album art booklets (must be currently enrolled at the cutoff)
  • Credits on the home page of Kardashevband.com

Just choose the Tier you’re comfortable with from the drop-down and checkout.



5, 10, 20, 50, 100