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Kardaplec Custom Guitar & Bass Picks

These plectrums are hand made to order by Alex Vincent in Australia. We’ve teamed up with him to make the ultimate plectrum. These picks are made with the hardest resin available and will last a lifetime. First, black resin is poured into a blank mold and then gold flakes are brushed into the drying mixture before a clear layer is poured over to encapsulate the flakes in 3d space.

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Here’s what people are saying:

“Its awesome. I’ve only played with it a little cause I haven’t had my guitar for a while, but I was amazed by the control I had with it. My hands are very wide and my little finger has a slight deformity, and so some picks make my hand cramp, but this pick feels very good in my hand. It also is very durable, I use a high gauge and after playing there was not a scratch on it at all. It’s also very beautiful, probably the most beautiful thing I own at the moment, and as one of my friends say, “this pick contains a world inside of it”. All in all, it’s a very well made pick, and very durable. I am definitely going to be playing with it a lot more in the future.”



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