Subliminal Groove Records

With the release of their demo album “Progression“, Kardashev began to receive notoriety in the online community. The Facebook metal community was even vast enough to help them get the attention of a well known record label by the name of Subliminal Groove Records. They were contacted by the owner Justin Lee in 2013This connection allowed Kardashev the resources and connections to begin broadening their reach as the CEO of the label offered them a recording contract for “Excipio”.

Excited by the opportunity, the band quickly read over the contract and signed it, garnering themselves the coveted title of “Signed Musicians”.

As a result of the attention they were getting, Kardashev began developing their brand and image. They began to head in a more professional direction and needed to check a few boxes to represent themselves in a way that the label and other companies would be proud to partner with.

First on that list was updated head shots.

Photo by Zach Beam – 2013

Next, they needed a simple image to represent their brand. They decided to represent themselves with a symbol of The Chiliagon reduced to a basic geometric design initially developed by Chris Gerlings and then refined by Riley Smith.

This shape encapsulated the science fiction, mathematics and overall brand of the band.

This symbol would go on to sustain the band as their icon for many years and would be the center piece for much of their branding.


In 2014, the record label received an offer from UK Tech Festival in England to invite any of their restored bands to play the festival. Kardashev accepted that opportunity and made an appearance in July of 2015.

Change in Management

In 2017, Kardashev had decided that The Almanac would be released independently as the label owner had decided to put the business on a hiatus while he focused on other things. This lead to a conversation later that year between Nico and then owner, Justin. Through that conversation, Nico acquired Subliminal Groove Records and began to work with new artists.

End of an Era

In 2018 the record label went on an indefinite hiatus again, but is still owned by Nico.


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