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The Almanac – 2017


The Almanac is Kardashev’s second EP, and 4th studio album in their 5 year tenure. Lyrically, it follows the story they began telling with their 2012 EP, Excipio, in which the concepts of discovery, truth, and humility play out across a starry landscape. Musically, the album is profound in soaring, evocative melodies and musical movements.

The Circle Pit

The Almanac is nothing short of a beautifully crafted journey that takes listeners on an aural adventure.

Stereo Killer

The balance between enticing cleans and growls is counterweighted in a spirited manner. There is plenty of sheer brutality in The Almanac but it is quickly levelled with ambient passages like “Beneath Dirt and Stone” or with generous post-rock layers of guitar, keys and comforting voices.

Sputnik Music

In 2017, Kardashev released, “The Almanac” with the minds of Nico Mirolla, Mark Garrett, Chris Gerlings, and Michael Collins.

Musically, these tracks were an evolution of Shoegaze and Death Metal. Dreamy, yet intense.

Recorded by Nico Mirolla.
Album artwork by Chris Gerlings
Mixed and Mastered by Miah Lajuenesse.

Could be fun…
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