Rhopography Track 2 with Commentary

by Kardashev | Demos

Rhopography Track 2 without Commentary

by Kardashev | Demos

Rhopography Track 2

Welcome to the music demo blog!

Today I’m going to explain in detail our new song that we’re working on for our upcoming full length album tentatively named, “Rhopography”.


At this point in the song writing, we’re on our second song of the album. There’s a guitar riff that introduces the main melody at the beginning. It has some nice reverbed-out drums. This is actually going to be part of the main melody in the middle of the song when we have our dynamic respite.

At about 00:55 we introduce the heavy melody.

This section includes guitar riffage that is a precursor to the upcoming section where guitars are trem picked and alternate picked. If you listen closely, you can hear Alex on bass following the guitars.

We recently discovered a band called TRNA. I would encourage you to check them out on Spotify. This is a three piece instrumental band that writes Post Black Metal. We decided we wanted to try to write something that would be Kardashev’s version of Post Black Metal which can be heard at about 02:31.

The clean guitar riff you’re about to hear was written by Mark back in 2008 when we first met. When I pulled it from the archive, I realized that it was in the same key as the song we were writing, so I added it in. Alex heard it and immediately thought that it sounded alot like an Opeth section, so here it is at 4:00.

Mark even wrote the lead guitar with a jazzy/gypsy sort of vibe at 4:30.

5:15: In true Kardashev fashion, we knew that after this section we need a huge, epic chorus. A wall of sound. Including all the different layers of guitars, bass, drums and vocals. I think we did a pretty good job!

5:42 After writing this section Mark said, we need an intense guitar line that comes in underneath it all.

The riff at 6:21 will likely be removed as it breaks the epic continuity.

In my opinion, there’s nothing more magical or whimsical than a guitar lead that repeats and regenerates over the outro of a song. I wrote this tapping lead to do just that.

The band’s discussed changing the composition here and there, but we’ve all agreed that the current composition leaves opportunities for Mark to flourish and so we’re not going to change anything too drastically.

Next week

We hope to bring you some drum updates as we’ve invested into Superior Drummer 3 and Sean has been working on making a Kardashev-specific kit for this new album.

From all of us here at Kardashev, thank you for your continued support! Remember, we’ll have regularly updated posts for you here on our web app, so make sure to enroll into push notifications!

Until next time, take care!

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