Hello and welcome to another installment of Kardashev updates! In this update you’ll hear some demos of Mark singing and working out a choral idea where we have 4 layers of his voice in a counterpoint inspired by Windborne‘s “Stabat Mater”. It’s a beautiful song if you’ve not heard it. Below is that demo. It’s quite nice.

Mark’s Chorus Idea
ParmaSean’s Song (retracked with Nico’s instruments)
Mark had a melody and we built some music around it.
Too much reverb, but Snow-Sleep original melody we might re-use.
Track 6 retrack (removed the ending)
Track 12 retrack and recomposition
Final Composition of Track 12 with bass and drums from Alex and Sean

Social Stuff!

In lieu of some recent developments on the social side of things, I wanted to share an opportunity we’re working on, and that is growing our monthly listener counts across the various streaming services.

Here’s the most recent update by major streaming platform.



Next week, we’re releasing the Instrumental version of the Liminal Rite across the internet and if you have any ideas on how we can get more people to hear Kardashev, I’d love to talk about it with you! Send me a DM on Discord!

For this contest we’ll be offering some signed copies of LR on Vinyl in a vocal cover contest! Keep an eye out for that and tell your loud friends!


In recent development, we’ve got an amazing opportunity with the game developers for OSU! and Rocksmith! OSU developers reached out to us to become a featured artist and we’re working through Metal Blade to make that happen.


Latest Writing Session


It’s finally happening. Preorders will be up soon!

This is a mockup.

That’s all I’ve got for this update, but thank you all so very much for staying near and dear to us! We greatly appreciate all of your support! :D

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