We’re Kardashev!

We are a progressive death metal band originating from Tempe, Arizona, USA that focuses on themes of love, selflessness and altruism.

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The last time I wrote about Kardashev, I compared them to a cross between Fallujah and Sigur Rós, and I stand by that. Gentle clean vocals glide above thunderous clouds of thickly textured guitar riffs, with some moments as catchy as any radio-rock could ever hope to be and others as vicious as any modern black metal act. “Between Sky and Sea” hits both of these extremes, and if that song doesn’t get stuck in your head forever after one listen, I can’t help you.


Sometimes when bands attempt to blend beauty and severity in their music, it can feel cheap and cobbled together. The songs that appear on The Almanac fall victim to neither of these shortcomings.