What we’re trying to do is create music that we want to hear.

And we’re not alone.

The Monolith

“Kardashev can seriously give the likes of Fallujah a run for their money.”

Ryan Spearman

Heavy Blog is Heavy

“You’ve found the perfect thing to satisfy that spacey craving with Peripety.”

Simon Handmaker

It Djents

Kardashev is working with clean parts that fit perfectly and give the listener a short pause before the shredding starts again.”

Rodney Fuchs

New Transcendence

“…[Kardashev] capture the essence of mankind and transmute it into song”

Connor Welsh

Dead Rhetoric

“… know that Peripety is an album well worth seeking out.”

Kyle McGinn

We make good music and we’re getting traction, why stop now?

Shit man, I just want to put out the best material I can.

No compromises in quality means we do more ourselves, but it means a better product in the end.

We are striving to bring Kardashev to new frontiers in 2017

In 2017, Kardashev’s goal is to expand its reach on social media and to push digital performances to a new level.

On a business-level, Kardashev is working to provide more high-quality merchandise with more reliable shipping time-frames.

We are interested in with working those who want to bring the music industry into the 21st century.

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