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Welcome to Kardashev’s Official Website!

We are a progressive metal band based out of Arizona that formed in 2012. Our focus is to create beautiful music for fans of death metal and progressive themes.

We operate mainly as a DIY band but are always looking to Collaborate and work with others!
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Our current lineup consists of:
Mark Garrett – Lyrics/Melodies/Vocals
Nico Mirolla – Guitars/Composition
Sean Lang – Drums
Alexander Adin Rieth – Bass

2020 – The Baring of Shadows [EP]
2017 – The Almanac [EP]
2015 – Peripety [LP]
2014 – IOTA pt. 1 [SINGLE]
2013 – Excipio [EP]
2012 – Progression [DEMO]


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Mark Garrett

Mark has been with Kardashev since our start in 2012 lending his voice, lyrics, melodic ideas and overall creativity to the project.

Mark is also the vocalist for NeverBreath and Viraemia.

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Learn more about Mark through Kardavox Academy.

Kardavox Academy Youtube

Kardavox Academy Wisio

Kardavox Academy Patreon

Nico Mirolla

Like Mark, Nico has also been with Kardashev since 2012 and has written every song as the sole composer and guitarist of the band.

Nico is also the “brains” of the band as he manages all of the day to day, social media, publishing, networking and other administrative duties.

Nico created NeverBreath in 2019 as fun project for his friends to join and express themselves through the lens of Black Metal.

Nico runs a home studio where all of Kardashev’s music has been created since the beginning.

Nico also streams live on Twitch.tv

Check out his gear here!

Sean Lang

Sean was introduced to Kardashev sometime in 2015 and in 2018 he an Nico began the process of bringing Sean onboard in the role of our drummer.

Sean has been fulfilling drum compositions for Kardashev since then and has much to offer in that space.

Sean is a marketing genius and a fantastic drummer.

Check out his gear here!

Check out more about Sean’s other musical projects:

First Reign

Alexander Adin Rieth

Alex has been a long-time friend of Kardashev since we were introduced in 2010 through a mutual friend. In 2013, we went on a week long tour called The Game of Tones tour with his then band A Distant Calm.

Alex has since moved on to play bass guitar for Holy Fawn and in 2019, we asked him to join Kardashev as our bass player too!

Check out his gear here!

Check out Alex’s touring band:

Holy Fawn

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